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AG-PLANNER/IV tm: An Agreement Builder for Family Agribusinesses an interactive planning tool focused on the unique needs of family farms and ranches by two of the most respected advisors to families in business in agriculture. Includes in-depth discussions of specific issues every team of owners faces, survey forms to gather opinions, goals, and concerns from all, and examples how to use this information in planning estate and ownership transition. Contains a detailed case study example and a full set of tools, including example buy/sell agreement language, compensation plans for partners, and example approaches to asset distribution.

SURVIVING FAMILY FARMING WHITEWATER: Strategies for management, succession, and transition on the successful family farm. A complete double workshop on DVD by Donald J. Jonovic, Ph.D. Presented before the Texas A&M Executive Program for Agricultural Producers in 2005, this program provides a complete version of Dr. Jonovic's world-acclaimed family farm and ranch management workshop.

Boxed Set: 2 DVDs
PASSING DOWN THE FARM is a book about growth and profitability in the long term, about keeping families and farms intact through well-planned ownership transition. This popular book addresses farm transition issues with unprecedented realism and honesty, giving families who farm together sound, practical insights into managing their most important asset.

Hardcover, 229 Pages
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THE ULTIMATE LEGACY is filled with insights and tools designed to help owners of successful businesses achieve their real purpose: Defining and managing a return on investment that's acceptable and appropriate to the business. Those key words return, investment, acceptable, and appropriate describe what are the central problem areas. These issues go right to the heart of both the opportunities and challenges business owners face, and Dr. Jonovic makes a strong case that effective management of these challenges is critical in assuring continuity and success of any closely held business.

Hardcover, 276 pages
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PLANMAKER tm: A Management and Succession Planning Workbook for Families in Business is designed to give you, other owners, family members, and your advisors a picture of your situation, your businesses operation, and, most importantly, your dreams and hopes for the future. It allows you to create a foundation on which you can build a plan for growth, profitability, and management succession using the approaches developed by specialists in the field.

Spiral Bound, 220 Pages

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Someday It'll All Be...Who's? a book of cartoon humor, is aimed right at the hearts of everyone who's shared the joys and pains of the family business experience. With on-target illustrations drawn by some of America's most talented cartoonists, and gag lines customized by two of the country's leading family business advisors, it spares no one - owners, spouses, family members, employees, advisors, even the IRS. A look at the lighter side of the family business.

Hardcover, 202 Pages: 223 Cartoons
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